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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Week 10

I was worried about yesterday's meeting with Bernadette as we didnt have anything new to show. However we went through the interactions and I got a much better idea of what she wanted and what is acheiveable in the Unreal engine.

Here is a list of problems I wrote down and plan to spend the next week working on:

  • Adding 'bloom' effect. Requires custom mutator - will it work in the runtime and can I get permission to use it?

  • Fade items in/out as you get closer to them.Can I get it to work in the runtime, and can I get permission to use it?

  • Class proximity with triggersShould work, but in my tests it doesnt

  • Class proximity with code Should be a small change in the curent player proximity code

  • Make a pawn/class to execute cwertain code on a global event.

  • Create flowcharts of the technical aspects to aid complex trigger/matinee/code creation

We only have 3.5 weeks left and we are behind, but I think that once these technical issues are resolved we are on our way to making a simple yet interactive map. And that is what we originally wanted.


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