Temple of Thoughts

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Rethinking the code framework

While going through the list of required interactions I realised that much of the work of triggers can be done via Unrealscript instead.
Instead of setting up a trigger, emitter and matinee sequence for each flare, a few functions of code can be written that will control all the flares in the exact same way. This way we can add as many flares, bowls and fire pits as we want, without spending time setting up each one via the engine's trigger system.

Example of old way:
- Add flare mesh on wall
- Create fire emitter and hide it behind the wall
- Create a trigger that activtes a matinee sequence
- Set up matinee sequence that moves the emitter from behind the wall to where the flare mesh is

Exmaple of new way:
- Right click "Add malta_flare here"
- Position the flare where you want it

Not to say that triggers are obsolete, they have their uses (it. But for repetitive, multiple interactions it is much better (and more manageable) to do it via scripting.

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Week 10

I was worried about yesterday's meeting with Bernadette as we didnt have anything new to show. However we went through the interactions and I got a much better idea of what she wanted and what is acheiveable in the Unreal engine.

Here is a list of problems I wrote down and plan to spend the next week working on:

  • Adding 'bloom' effect. Requires custom mutator - will it work in the runtime and can I get permission to use it?

  • Fade items in/out as you get closer to them.Can I get it to work in the runtime, and can I get permission to use it?

  • Class proximity with triggersShould work, but in my tests it doesnt

  • Class proximity with code Should be a small change in the curent player proximity code

  • Make a pawn/class to execute cwertain code on a global event.

  • Create flowcharts of the technical aspects to aid complex trigger/matinee/code creation

We only have 3.5 weeks left and we are behind, but I think that once these technical issues are resolved we are on our way to making a simple yet interactive map. And that is what we originally wanted.