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Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Panorama thoughts

After playing with panoramas for a few hours, I've come to the conclusion that there are three ways to mimic QTVR in the unreal engine.

The simple way is to create a cylinder and apply the (very wide) panorma texture to it with the player inside. This works fine, except Unreal lets the player look up and down, totally destroying the effect when you see the edges of the textures. It's also incredibly difficult to line the edges of the texture up without being able to specify the width of each polygon face.

- Eliminates above issues
- We dont have any 360' series of photos to work from
- Textures become distorted.

- Some of the UT2004 maps' skyboxes are just cubes, however the textures are created in such a way that viewing them from a specific point (the location of the skyzoneinfo) make them seamless and panoramic, this would be the ultimate solution, however I dont know of any software to generate such textures. I have posted in a few editing forums and will also google and failing that..contact Erik and maybe he knows something.


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