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Thursday, May 12, 2005

Rethinking the code framework

While going through the list of required interactions I realised that much of the work of triggers can be done via Unrealscript instead.
Instead of setting up a trigger, emitter and matinee sequence for each flare, a few functions of code can be written that will control all the flares in the exact same way. This way we can add as many flares, bowls and fire pits as we want, without spending time setting up each one via the engine's trigger system.

Example of old way:
- Add flare mesh on wall
- Create fire emitter and hide it behind the wall
- Create a trigger that activtes a matinee sequence
- Set up matinee sequence that moves the emitter from behind the wall to where the flare mesh is

Exmaple of new way:
- Right click "Add malta_flare here"
- Position the flare where you want it

Not to say that triggers are obsolete, they have their uses (it. But for repetitive, multiple interactions it is much better (and more manageable) to do it via scripting.

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Week 10

I was worried about yesterday's meeting with Bernadette as we didnt have anything new to show. However we went through the interactions and I got a much better idea of what she wanted and what is acheiveable in the Unreal engine.

Here is a list of problems I wrote down and plan to spend the next week working on:

  • Adding 'bloom' effect. Requires custom mutator - will it work in the runtime and can I get permission to use it?

  • Fade items in/out as you get closer to them.Can I get it to work in the runtime, and can I get permission to use it?

  • Class proximity with triggersShould work, but in my tests it doesnt

  • Class proximity with code Should be a small change in the curent player proximity code

  • Make a pawn/class to execute cwertain code on a global event.

  • Create flowcharts of the technical aspects to aid complex trigger/matinee/code creation

We only have 3.5 weeks left and we are behind, but I think that once these technical issues are resolved we are on our way to making a simple yet interactive map. And that is what we originally wanted.

Monday, April 18, 2005


Here is my results from some research on the various types of Triggers in the unreal engine:



Proximity Trigger
Your basic trigger. When an object comes within a radius it is activated. This object can be either the player, or any particular game class. If we were to create for example - a ‘bowl’ class – a trigger can be set up only to respond when a bowl is near it.
Possible uses: Lot of uses.

Shoot Trigger
Activated when shot. A damage threshold can be given, so it will only trigger if the damage applied is above that threshold.
Possible uses: Keypad. ‘Shoot’ the button you want to press.

Use Trigger
Now here is on I never noticed before. The trigger will be activated when the player is within a radius, and presses the ‘use’ key.
Possible uses: Pressing buttons, moving objects. Allow the player to get a good look at something before activating it.

Line of Sight Trigger
Activated when the player views an object. View angle and distances can be set.
Possible uses: Do not show a person/movie unless the player is looking in the correct direction first.

Material Trigger
When activated, it can change a texture. Texture can be on a wall, mesh, person, anything.
Possible uses: When the torch is close to the wall paintings, they start dancing.

Music Trigger
When activated, it will change the game music. Music can fade in and out on changes.
Possible uses: Having different music for outside and inside the temples. Music changes when the fire pit is ignited.

Instead of instantly being activated, a counter will count down a set number of seconds before activating.

Redirection Trigger
Redirects the activation event string to a ‘pawn’ class. Pawn classes are usually used for players and computer controlled people, but can be used for anything. Could be useful for controlling an object through a number of triggers. Would require extra coding.
Possible uses: Controlling the sun/star shard.

Condition Trigger
I don’t fully understand this one. Used for controlling AI so I don’t think its relevant to this project.


  • Triggers can be ‘connected’ – for example, when a line of site trigger is activated, it in turn activates a counter, which then counts down and activates both a music trigger and a material trigger.

  • Triggers can display a message on the screen when triggered.

  • Triggers can be set to only trigger once, or be given a time before it can next be activated.

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Panorama thoughts

After playing with panoramas for a few hours, I've come to the conclusion that there are three ways to mimic QTVR in the unreal engine.

The simple way is to create a cylinder and apply the (very wide) panorma texture to it with the player inside. This works fine, except Unreal lets the player look up and down, totally destroying the effect when you see the edges of the textures. It's also incredibly difficult to line the edges of the texture up without being able to specify the width of each polygon face.

- Eliminates above issues
- We dont have any 360' series of photos to work from
- Textures become distorted.

- Some of the UT2004 maps' skyboxes are just cubes, however the textures are created in such a way that viewing them from a specific point (the location of the skyzoneinfo) make them seamless and panoramic, this would be the ultimate solution, however I dont know of any software to generate such textures. I have posted in a few editing forums and will also google and failing that..contact Erik and maybe he knows something.

Live Bookmarks

For those of us using Firefox, I discovered blogspot has support for 'Live Bookmarks'.
When browsing a site with support, Firefox displays an orange icon in the right of the statusbar, which enables you to subscribe to an xml feed which updates a your bookmarks accordingly. Very cool :)

More info:

Checkin In

Just testing to see how this all works, will post more soon


Hello World

This is not a drill.